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Administrative County of London Development Plan 1951: Analysis.
London: London County Council, 1951. Frontis, xvii, 325p, illustrated [maps], indexed 31cm. Green cloth over boards, titling in white on the front cover and spine; endpaper maps. Top corners bumped, corners rubbed, two skinned; front hinge starting. Still in very good condition.
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Arterial Plan for Pittsburgh. Prepared for the Regional Planning Association by Robert Moses with the assistance of the following consultants: Arthur E. Howland, W. Earle Andrews, Gilmore D. Clark, Aymar Embury II, Sidney Shapiro, William S. Chapin, Clarence C. Combs and Raymond P. McNulty.
November, 1939. 26 single sided pages, followed by fold out plans and photos of Pittsburgh. 29cm. Comb bound card. Signed by Moses on page 26. "When Mr. Heinz first asked me to give an opinion on Pittsburgh's arterial problem I was not inclined to assume this responsibility, not only because of absorbing work in New York, but because of an abiding dislike of long-range experts. In this case I finally agreed to advise the Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association, acting merely as a diagnostician who applies to the local problem whatever judgment, knowledge and practical experience he may have gained in dealing with similar problems elsewhere. Such a diagnostician does not replace local doctors, nor does he act as a surgeon if there is an operation to perform." Robert Moses (1888-1981) often said "Those who can, build. Those who don't, criticize." And build he did: "For 44 years, from 1924 until 1968, Mr. Moses constructed public works in the city and state costing - in a recent estimate adjusting currency to 1968 value -$27 billion. Mr. Moses built parks, highways, bridges, playgrounds, housing, tunnels, beaches, zoos, civic centers, exhibition halls and the 1964-65 New York World's Fair." [NYT Obituary]. He was praised and vilified. He was the "master builder" who made New York City the city of mass transit, more so than Los Angeles. New York City was "the first city for the automobile age." His early construction efforts resulted in Jones Beach and a parkway system for Long Island. Moses accepted the consulting job for Pittsburgh and sent his team to the city to study its roadways for two months. He reviewed their findings and presented his report to the Planning Association. The plan was accepted and implemented over several years.
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Asheville City Plan 2010
Asheville, NC: Asheville City Planning Department, [1986]. 146pp, illustrations, maps, pocket with map. 28 cm. Spiral bound card covers. Corners bumped; egde wear; still in very good condition.
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The Beautifying of Honolulu.
Honolulu: Board of Supervisors, September, 1907. Fold out frontis map, 39p, illustrations. 23cm. Second printing. Stapled card with titling in black on the front cover. First presented in March of 1906, in an edition of 500 copies. Except for slight modifications in the maps, and the addition of a forward and table of contents, there are no other differences in the printings. Fore edge of front cover chipped; first page foxed. In very good condition. "The word 'improvement' I do not interpret as meaning an attempt to enhance the extraordinary beauty that has been spread around you, but the increase of its accessibility and the silence of jarring notes. My errand is not to 'paint the lily' -- that can not successfully be done; but rather to facilitate the enjoyment of it." [Robinson's opening remarks] [Scarce].
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Better Binghamton a Report to the Mercantile-Press Club of Binghamton, N. Y., September, 1911.
Binghamton, NY: Mercantile Press Club, 1911. 108p, maps [one loose folding map], illustrations. 26cm. Brown cloth back and textured cloth covers; titling in gilt on the spine. Edges rubbed, two pages pulled; front hinge is starting. In very good condition. Charles Mulford Robinson (1869-1917) divided his report into three sections, the present situation, provisions for the future, and the creation of a system of parks, playgrounds and "pleasure drives," concluding that the success of Binghamton is the success of its industries and a healthy, efficient citizenship.
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The City and the Allegheny River Bridges: Recommendations for Bridge Heights and Pier Locations to meet the Various Transportation Needs of Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Civic Commission, April, 1910. 37p, illustrations. 23cm. Wrappers. Covers rubbed, one corner chipped on the front cover, and base of spine. Still, in very good condition. A scarce Olmsted report.
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City Plan Columbus, Georgia
Cambridge: 1926. 35p, illustrations, fold out maps, plans. 28cm. Tan card with titling in green and brown. Slightly soiled with offset on front cover; tear at the base of the spine. In very good condition. "The Columbus City Plan was presented by the Planning Board as the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Columbus, Georgia. This report is based upon an intensive study of the existing conditions and our future requirements so that the two might be correlated to secure the orderly development of our community. This study has covered a period of two years and has been made by every municipal agency under the guidance of John Nolen, one of the foremost experts in City Planning." Uncommon.
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A City Plan for Springfield, Mass.
Planning Board, 1923. 212p, illustrations, plans, fold out. 27cm. Gray card covers with black titling. Former library copy form the City Plan Commission of St. Louis with ink stamps and spine label. Though not comprehensive, the plan provides for the "orderly" growth of Springfield through gradual improvements. "A place for everything and everything in its place."
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City Planning for Newark
Newark, New Jersey: City Plan Commission, 1913. xxxi, 163p, illustrations, maps, fold out maps. 23cm. Green cloth back and marbled paper boards, paper title label. Minor wear, slight fading of cover edges; prior owner's neat signature on front free endpaper; one fold out map torn. In very good condition. Preceding the broader 1915 plan, this plan comprises the work and plans of the commission focussing on suggested improvements, street widths and arrangement, harbor development, civic art, markets, transportation, the Morris Canal, and recreation. Bartholomew's first city plan.
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Comprehensive City Plan for Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cedar Rapids: City Plan Commission, 1931. 154p, illustrations, plans, maps, 44 plates, fold-outs. 32cm. Gray card with titling and illustration in black on the front cover. Slight fading of front cover, short tears at the edges, corners slightly bumped. In very good condition. In 1908 Charles Mulford Robinson suggested improvements to the city, one of which was the purchase of Mays Island, which eventually became the home of the municipal government after the later planning work of Edward H. Bennett. In 1924 Bartholomew was contracted by the Zoning Commission to produce a comprehensive city plan. The work took six years. The City Plan Commission was created in 1930. " The Commission presents to the public this result of six years work, expressing the hope that it will appeal to the citizens of Cedar Rapids in such a way that by their support the City Council will feel justified in carrying out the plans...."
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A Comprehensive City Plan for Wichita, Kansas.
Wichita: City Plan Commission, 1923. 128p, maps, fold out maps, illustrations. 28cm. Brown cloth with titling in gilt on the spine. Older former library copy with several ink stamps. In very good condition. A study of Wichita's street plan, transit, transportation, recreation, housing, sanitation, civic art, zoning and legal and financial matters. Bartholomew's plan presented two objectives: to correct mistakes in the city, and to "offer preventive formulas which will protect it from detrimental tendencies of growth."
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A Comprehensive City Plan Knoxville, Tennessee.
Knoxville: Knoxville Tennessee City Planning Commission, 1930. Fold out frontis, 232p, 46 plates, most fold out, illustrations. 28cm. Gary card with black titling on the front cover. Former St. Louis City Plan Commission copy with markings. In very good condition.
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Comprehensive City Plan Roanoke, Virginia 1928.
Roanoke: City Planning and Zoning Commissions, 1929. Frontis, 76p, illustrations, maps, fold out maps, map in pocket on bottom cover. 29cm. Tan card with yapp edges and titling in black on the front cover. Short tear to one edge, corners bumped. An attractive very good copy. Early in his career, Nolen prepared Roanoke's first city plan, Remodeling Roanoke, in 1907 at the request of the Women's Civic Betterment Club. Nolen's 1928 plan is more expansive, encompassing zoning and Roanoke's regional role, but it is also "elastic, so as the coming years bring about different conditions, the specific method and means of securing improvements may be adapted to meet the change of environment." The 1928 Roanoke Comprehensive Plan was recognized by the National Planning Association as an American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) National Planning Landmark.
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Comprehensive City Plan Saint Louis, Missouri
St. Louis: City Plan Commission, 1947. 77p, fold out plans and maps, large fold out map of the comprehensive plan pocketed. 29cm. Blue comb bound white textured paper boards with blue titling. Slightly toned, minor edge wear. In very good condition.
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Conditions in Detroit, 1919 together with a Report made by Professor Olmsted to the Detroit Board of Commerce in 1905.
Detroit: Published by the Commission, June, 1915. 36p. 25cm. Card covers. Former library copy with perforation stamp on the first two pages, red mark on front cover; covers detached; slightly soiled. In good condition. First published in 1905, this report adds eight pages on the study of Belle Isle Park, circuits and boulevards, and smaller parks. The 1905 report is included. Olmsted observes, that Detroit's waterfront is a great asset which needs "proper control" of development, without which the "conservation of this great civic opportunity...may slip away forever." He concludes that he sees no advance in the conservation of the waterfront since his 1905 report. Uncommon.
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The Denver Plan (7 volumes)
Denver: Denver Planning Commission, 1929-1940. Volume one: 64p, illustrations, plans, two plans pocketed on bottom cover. The first volume covers three elements: major street, parks and boulevards, and recreational facilities; volume 2: 31p, plans, fold out plan. The second volume is the traffic study; volume 3: 39p, plans, fold out plan. The third volume is a mass transportation study; volume 4: 39p, plans. The fourth volume is a preliminary outline for a regional plan (second edition); volume 5: 23p, illustrations, plans. The fifth volume is regional centers for federal activities; volume 6 (not numbered): 47p, illustrations. The sixth volume is the Denver planning primer. This volume was revised and reissued as volume 6 in 1940 with 63p, and illustrations. Each is 25cm and bound in stapled card. Former business copies with ink stamps on front covers and title pages; prior owner's name stamped on frnot covers; spines rubbed, darkened edges, minor edge wear; tear at head of spine on volume one, fore edge of volume six faded; foxing on bottom cover of volume five. Rarely found complete. In very good condition. Building on previous planning work by Charles Mulford Robinson, Frederick Law Olmsted and Alfred Brunner, and Edward H. Bennett the Denver Planning Commission ( created in 1926), draws upon developments in comprehensive city planning relating to traffic, street plans, transit, recreation, resources, zoning, commercial centers, civic center, schools, housing and blighted areas. "On a small scale, every man who builds a home, decides where his house and garage shall be, where he shall plant lawns and flowers, where he shall have sidewalks and automobile driveway, is planning for his convenience and use. A city plan has the same purpose, for the good of all citizens." [Denver City Planning Primer].
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A General Plan for the Improvement of Colorado Springs. Charles Mulford Robinson.
A General Plan for the Improvement of Colorado Springs.
Colorado Springs: Department of Public Works and Property, May, 1912. 71p, illustrations, fold out map. 24x13cm. Tied brown cloth back and gray paper boards with brown titling. Minor wear to two corners. An exceptional, bright copy in near fine condition. In his plan for Colorado Springs, Robinson states: "I have endeavored to be practical, concerning myself with the problem of what improvements are desirable and possible in the established city of Colorado Springs. The result cannot be an ideal city plan...but I have endeavored to make it ...a sane and rational ideal of what can be and should be done in and for Colorado Springs." He further emphasizes citizen involvement in the plan.
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A General Plan New Orleans East
New Orleans: New Orleans East, Inc, April, 1959. Frontis, 32p, vi, plans, fold out. 28cm. Comb bound card. With an update dated June, 1961 listing improvements, bound in before the frontispiece. Covers faded at spine, corner creases, slightly soiled; comb binding broken. In better than good condition. The development plan for New Orleans East, a suburban area of New Orleans hard hit by hurricane Katrina.
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Glen Ridge: The Preservation of its Natural Beauty and its Improvement as a Place of Residence
Glen Ridge: Municipal Art Commission, 1909. Frontis, 45p, illustrations, plans, fold out map. 24cm. Tied brown wrappers. With a list of contributors bound in. Wear to the edges and spine ends. In very good condition. "The time has come when we should understand that skill and foresight should control what so frequently has been left to chance; that there is a real art in the making of a town; and it behooves this generation to master and practice it." [The Publication Committee]. Nolen also prepared a plan for the adjoining town of Montclair. Both plans stress creating a "most satisfactory" town to live in. [Scarce].
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Greater Erie. Plans and Reports for Extension of the City.
Erie: The Chamber of Commerce, 1913. Frontis map, 234p, plans, illustration, large fold out general plan. 28cm. Illustrated brown card wraps. Later presentation copy from one of the subscribers. An exceptional copy for this book, which usually has detached covers. To produce this plan, Nolen joined with Goodrich and Lane for transportation studies, and Long for commercial development. With the publication of the Plan, the City Planning Commission was appointed. Friction arose between the Commission and the city when an annual assessment of the city's taxable revenues was proposed to the legislature to facilitate the Commission's work. By 1915, the Commission resigned.
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Lancaster Pennsylvania, 1929. Report to City Planning Commission.
Cambridge, MA: Hale J. Walker, Justin R. Hartzog Associates, 1929. 61p, illustrated [maps, 4 fold out maps in color]. 28cm. Tan card cover, titling in black. Produced for the 200th anniversary of Lancaster. The plan was undertaken for the guidance of the future development of the Lancaster region (Lancaster and its surroundings). Nolen shaped the plan around better living conditions, preservation of health, enlargement of transportation facilities, and the safety and general welfare of the community. He also sought to preserve and develop the individuality of Lancaster. In part, a long introductory quote from Charles W. Eliot states that "good work done for the public lasts." Nolen proved this to be true in his planning work for Lancaster. One fore edge tear repaired. A near fine copy.
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A Major Street Plan For Rochester New York
Saint Louis, MO: Bartholomew & Associates, 1929. 104p, illustrations, maps; fold out maps. 28 cm. Tan wrappers. An ex library copy with stamp on the front cover, bookplate on the front cover paste down; corners bumped; spine torn, worn at ends; prior owner's neat signature on the front cover; title written on spine; still, a very good copy. "At present much interest and support are being manifested in the preparation and official adoption of comprehensive city plans designed to meet these and many other problems involved in rapid municipal growth. City planing is developing into a more or less definite science of computing the probable character and extent of expansion, of determining the readjustments necessary within the present municipal structure, and of planning new areas in accordance with the desirable economic and social standards." [Harland Bartholomew].
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Major Street Report.
New Orleans: The City Planning and Zoning Commission, June, 1927. 108p, illustrations, maps, fold out map. 29cm. Recased in black library buckram. Former library copy with markings, including bookplate and barcode. In very good condition. This street plan was undertaken as part of a broader effort to create a city plan for New Orleans that would incorporate surveys and reports of transit facilities, port and industrial problems, railroads, public recreation, zoning, and civic art. By designating the major streets of the city was a first step in guiding the city's growth. Scarce.
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A Major Traffic Street Plan for Los Angeles. Frederick Law Olmsted, Charles Henry Cheney, Harland Bartholomew.
A Major Traffic Street Plan for Los Angeles.
Los Angeles: Traffic Commission of the City and County of Los Angeles, May, 1924. Frontis fold out map, 69p, maps, plans, illustrations, index. 31cm. Brown cloth with titling in gilt on the front cover. Corners slightly bumped, wear to spine ends; cloth beginning to split along front joint from head of spine. In very good condition. In 1922 the Commission appointed the Consulting board of Olmsted, Bartholomew and Cheney to produce a practical, comprehensive plan of street development. Its provisions included a traffic loop around the congested core that would sort traffic and divert unnecessary traffic from the city center. Presentation copy to Boyle Workman with his name in gilt on the front cover. Workman (1868-1942) was a Los Angeles politician and businessman who served a President of the Los Angeles City Council, and on occasion as acting Mayor. Typed letter signed from Paul G. Hoffman, President of the Traffic Commission of the City and County of Los Angles, laid in. Uncommon.
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Montclair: The Preservation of its Natural Beauty and its improvement as a Residence Town.
Montclair: Municipal Art Commission, 1909. Frontis, 102p, illustrations, pans, fold out plan. 28cm. Brown cloth back and tan paper boards with brown titling on the front cover. Edges slightly rubbed; covers slightly toned, stain on bottom cover; still, in very good condition. Laid in is a broadside announcing a special election to decide whether Montclair should adopt Nolen's plan: "This is the most important election ever held in Montclair." The purpose of Nolen's plan "is to suggest practical ways for preserving the natural beauty of Montclair, for remedying its defects, and for directing its future development in the way that will make it the most satisfactory town it can be to live in." By the conclusion of his plan, Nolen remarks that Montclair has created "innumerable scars, blots upon the fair, natural face of the country, and except in the beauty of private places, it has added little to atone for its destruction." He concludes that the Montclair of tomorrow should "witness the preservation and, in some cases, the restoration of the natural attractiveness of the place."
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Pittsburgh: Main Thoroughfares and the Downtown District. Improvements Necessary to meet the City's Present and Future Needs. 1910.
Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Civic Commission, 1911. Frontis, xvi, 169p, illustrations, double page plan, double page map, fold out map, indexed. 26cm. Red cloth over boards; titling in gilt on the front cover and spine. Somewhat soiled, corners bumped, two skinned, wear to spine ends. In good condition. Olmsted's plan proposed a group location of all down town buildings, and a comprehensive system of thoroughfares at the headwaters of the Ohio.
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Pittsburgh: Main Thoroughfares and the Downtown District. Improvements Necessary to meet the City's Present and Future Needs. 1910.
Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Civic Commission, 1911. Frontis, xvi, 18p, pp 88-91, illustrations, double page plan, double page map, fold out map. 26cm. Sewn brown wraps with black titling. Spine rubbed, minor edge wear, minor damage to fore edge of few pages. In very good condition. The prospectus for Olmsted's plan proposed a group location of all down town buildings, and a comprehensive system of thoroughfares at the headwaters of the Ohio. Scarce.
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A Plan for the Central River Front Saint Louis Missouri
St. Louis: City Planning Commission, 1928. Fold out frontis map; 40p, maps, plans. 28cm. Blue cloth back and paper boards with paper title label on the front cover. Edges rubbed. In very good condition. Plans for the development of the river front.
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A Plan for the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, including a General Plan of the Region.
Vancouver: Vancouver Town Planning Commission, 1928. 310p, illustration, plans and maps [fold outs], index. 28cm. Gray card covers with title in black on the front cover. Wear to spine ends and edges, chipped; black magic marker cross-out of prior owner's name on the front cover. In better than good condition. "Vancouver is the most important Pacific port of a great country. Here, if anywhere, should develop a great city. Circumstances of such character call for a city plan of substantial scale." [Bartholomew's introduction]. The first comprehensive plan for Vancouver. While the resulting plan was never officially adopted, it was the first major document to consider the city as a whole within the region. From streets to parks to schools, Bartholomew set the stage for much of Vancouver’s current social, economic, physical, transportation and cultural infrastructure. [Vancouver City Planning Commission].
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Plan of Chicago: Prepared under the Direction of the Commercial Club, during the years MCMVI, MCMVII, MCMVIII. Edited by Charles Moore. With a new introduction by Wilbert R. Hasbrouck. Da Capo Series in Architecture and Decorative Art, Volume 29
New York: Da Capo Press, 1970. viii, 31cm. First printing. Brown cloth with black titling; dust jacket. [facsimile] [frontis, xviii, [1], 164p, illustrated [maps, plates, fold out plates], indexed]. With 142 illustrations, 81 are historical documents; 61 drawings prepared specifically for the Chicago Plan; 33 are maps, plans or diagrams for changes to streets, railroads and parks. There is a second set of drawings by Fernan Janin. There are 11 perspectives, in color, by Jules Guerin, and these are the glory of the Plan. "The Chicago Plan, as seen in these renderings, is logical , symmetrical, and beautiful. This last quality, which was in many ways the most important for Burnham, is fully conveyed in the gorgeous panoramic renderings." Guerin later worked with Bennett on the Minneapolis Plan (1917). Charles W. Eliot reviewed the Chicago Plan for Century Magazine in 1910 and stated: "This Plan suggests on nearly every page the urgent need of combining differing individual interests for a common end, or procuring the cooperation of competing corporations, and of bringing to bear the public opinion of the multitude to effect the execution of the Plan. It suggests, in short, a large social or collective work, planned in the interest not only of the present generation, but of many generations to come." To help bring the Plan to the citizens of Chicago, the Wacker Manual was published soon afterward and was used for the next decade as an eight grade public school text. The Plan also led to the Creation of the Chicago Plan Commission which evolved into the Department of Planning and Development. Two corners bumped; jacket worn at the corners, short closed tear at the bottom edge of the front panel. A near fine copy in a very good jacket.
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